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Birthdate:Feb 11
I'm Stuart Martins, professional gamer. See the word PROFESSIONAL there? That means don't bother taking me on if you're a noob or a casual player, or use anything low-tier. See, real gamers like me only use good fighters with prime stats.

I also do the shipping thing, but none of that boring vanilla crap. For me it's all about the rivals, taking each other on in the battlefield and the bedroom with combined power levels of OVER 9000!!

[Not a real journal - sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

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/b/, /v/, 4chan, all your base, anime, anti-casual gamers, anti-moe, anti-noobs, anti-vanilla, arcade games, being a dudebro, being a sore loser, being an ass, being cocky, being competitive, being egotistical, being elite, being pretentious, being sexist, bickering couples, cassie is lame, enemy ships, fighting games, girl gamers suck, hannah's a priss, hatesex, het, image boards, joe pisses me off, l33t, lucy phails, manga, memes, not getting pwned, ou, over 9000, pokemon, pwning newbie players, rivalshipping, sandy's a bitch, statistics, statwhoring, syrius sucks, taking games too seriously, tiers, ubers, video games, yaoi, yuri
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